Classroom Rules and Procedures

Excerpt from Success for Every Student: A Guide to Teaching and Learning:

Consistent classroom procedures play a significant role in establishing a learning environment that fosters academic achievement and social growth.  The adage, “It is always easier to get nicer as the year goes on than to get tougher,” holds some truth, but a more appropriate saying is, “Your expectations and consequences need to be consistent from day one until the final bell rings on the last day of the school year.”  If a teacher lets a student do something on the first day of school, that teacher should expect him or her to continue doing it for the rest of the year.  Good classroom habits and manners are not a result of happenstance; they are intentionally taught and reinforced throughout the year.  It is important to give positive feedback for the actions one wants to see more often, and it is important to assign consequences and give feedback to correct the inappropriate actions that one wants to limit.

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